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This is a Customie Set with 301 productivity customies. It has plenty of to-do lists, deco elements, quotes, time blockers, color boxes, and more to boost your productivity! You will get 301 customies in total with planning tools, daily log customies and different boxes in PNG files, and Goodnotes files with 303 pre-cropped stickers for instant use.



You may or may not have heard of customies. Customies, also known as widgets or add-ons, are functional stickers. They allow you to customize your digital notes or planner according to your needs. Hence the name: Customies.


Minimal Productivity Customies for iOS & Android // PNG & Goodnotes

Sales Tax Included
  • ☀︎ Customies works with PDF annotation apps on your iPad and Android tablet, e.g., GoodNotes, NoteShelf, Collanote, Notability, and Penly.


    ☀︎ You can use them with the elements feature in GoodNotes or as PNG files in other apps.


    ☀︎ Customies can cause longer loading times, depending on the App you're using.

    To make sure that everything will work out, please contact me if you have any questions. You will get an answer within 24 hours.

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