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Hello, it's me!

My name is Michelle, and I am 26 years old. I am living in Germany and currently studying business administration in the sixth term. I have two super cute doggos and some fishies. I am a proud veggie, and since I decided to become it, I am even more in love with animals. My favorites pets are dogs. I mean, they're just too cute, aren't they?

Creating planners and content for social media is my go-to passion.

You can find me in front of a graphic program, or filming videos with my camera whenever I have time and energy. 

Sometimes I also watch movies or TV shows. My all time favorite movie is "Blended." I watched it so many times, and I can still watch it. 

My Story

I always had a passion for design. When I was 12 years old, I spent hours and hours creating graphics or collages with Adobe Photoshop. I kept doing this for a couple of years. In 2015 I discovered paper planning with a Filofax and crafting for myself. At this time, I also made templates for my Filofax like weekly planners, fitness overviews, study planners, and more. Back then I created, printed, and cut each template to fit. It was super much work for an annual set-up, but I loved it.


After starting to study in 2019, I bought my first iPad and Goodnotes. Pretty study notes were my obsession. I literally spent more time with aesthetic study notes instead of studying. I used my iPad every day when I had university time. So I felt the need to plan my weeks and days digital too. I never liked the calendar apps since they were super unpersonal for me. 


In December 2020, I discovered digital planning and tried my first digital planners with Keynote. I created two planners in two weeks, and I loved it so much. After finishing my second yearly planner for 2021 I became obsessed with the planner community. I knew that I wanted to create even more planners, but I thought that I can't use multiple planners at the same time. Oh, how I naive I was (now I am using at least two planners, sometimes I play with even more, lol). 

However, I decided that I wanted to create more, and share it with others. At this time I already knew that I wanted to have an own business. Since I am studying business administration (and I really liked it at this time), I wanted to do more with my knowledge. After figuring out, that digital planners are a thing, I decided to open my own Etsy shop. So I did a lot of research about legal things in my country, how to start a business, taxes, tips and tricks, and more. It was scary, but also super exciting!

On March 15, 2021 ChellyPlanners was born. 

Now you can find me almost every day in front of the Adobe Creative Suite, Instagram, Video editors, and of course - of my iPad. Digital planning changed my life. And I am super glad that I tried it.

At this point I want to encourage you to start doing whatever you dreamed off. Our life is short, and we should enjoy every day we get. You may have an idea for a longer time now, a dream or a wish. You may have a passion that wants to come out. Just - do - it! Do what you love. Stop dreaming and start creating the life you want. It's totally worth it. 

Love, Chelly

There will be no sunshine every day.

But so it won't rain. 

We will have good days, and we will have bad days.

We will feel unstoppable, and we will feel anxious.


But whatever happens in our life,

we should enjoy it with every day we get.


I am always excited to meet new planner buddies! Feel free to contact me for a nice chat, questions, or feedback. I can't wait to hear from you, Planner Buddy!

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