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Let's start with digital planning!

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a PDF file with hyperlinks that will lead you to a specific page. You can use this PDF file with a tablet, like an iPad or Android device, and a pencil.


Now imagine you are on a page with a monthly overview, and you want to write down your appointments. How? You will need a PDF annotation app and your pencil to note down these events with your handwriting. You could also use a keyboard - if you want to.


Let's think a step further! You are ready with planning your month, but what if you also want to plan on another page, like a weekly or a fitness page? Here is the difference to paper planning: instead of swiping your pages until you found the next page, you will just click on a tab (which usually has hyperlinks), and your tablet will lead you to that page. Magic, right?

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Choose tablet &  Pencil

The most used tablet for digital planning is an iPad from Apple. 

Another option is to get an Android device.


Download an app

You need a PDF annotation app which allows using hyperlinks. Some examples are: GoodNotes 5, Noteshelf, Notability, Samsung Notes, Penly,  and Xodo. 


Get a planner

You can try a freebie planner first to see if digital planning works for you on your device. If you have already decided to get a planner, you can shop one here.


Check tutorials

Check the tutorials to get the basic knowledge about digital planning. Don't forget: practice makes it perfect! If you have questions, visit the PB-Club or contact me.


All tutorials are created for a digital planner with an iPad and GoodNotes 5. More tutorials for other apps and Android devices are coming in the future.

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