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Bloom [noun]: a beautiful process of becoming.

The story behind the blooming Life Planner

The last two years have been challenging for most of us. The global Corona pandemic has changed the lives of many people. After years of living productive, hectic, and busy lives, we were suddenly forced to slow down. Lockdowns and the limitations of social contact have forced us to engage with someone who would otherwise often get short shrift: ourselves. Suddenly, many of us had time to think about our own needs, desires, and dreams. We had more time for our family and loved ones if we could see them. We were challenged in ways we had not been before. For many of us, this extra time we had all at once may have been a blessing. For some, however, it was difficult.


Especially when you are suddenly at home only, it can be challenging to maintain routines and stay motivated. The longer the time was at home, the harder it became. Often every day was the same, at least for me. That weighed heavily, and mental health suffered as a result.


The Blooming Life Planner is designed to bring joy and motivation back. It was created to restore routines, set new goals, write down dreams and desires, and most importantly, reflect on yourself and your life. Each individual page has a specific meaning.


With this planner, I want to help people not only get organized, and be productive. This planner is designed to help you develop new goals and get excited about them. It is meant to help you get to know yourself better through reflection. It offers the possibility to write down and visualize dreams, wishes and ideas. It should help to enjoy routines and life again, even in difficult times. And above all, it was made to start living the life you've always dreamed of. 


It is time to bloom again. 

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