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Every day we grow. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

What if we have something that helps

us to stay focused?



Imagine using a paper planner with tabs, monthly, weekly, and daily overviews, lists, and more, just on your tablet with a pencil. 


A digital planner is a PDF with hyperlinks that will lead you to a specific page. For example, you are on your monthly overview page, but you want to plan your week. So, instead of swiping your pages, you will just click a link, and your tablet will lead you to that page. Magic, right?

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Chellyplanners products

Digital Planners

ChellyPlanners offers a selection of digital planners for different occasions. Choose between planners for life,  business or student planners. And the assortment is constantly expanding.

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Ebene 2.png


Customies - also known as widgets - are functional stickers that allows you to customize your digital planner to fit your needs.

Fonts are perfect for aesthetic planning pages, creating stickers, writing notes, and more. CP offers handwriting fonts that fit your planner or notebook perfectly!


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Listing Picture 1.png
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Why Chellyplanners?



All planners are created for lag-free and fast use.


High compatibility

CP planners work on Apple iPads and Android tablets as long as you have a PDF-annotation app which allows hyperlinks.


Intuitive use

The digital planners comes with a seamless, well-though hyperlink system for an intuitive and fast use.


Tutorials & Help

Digital planning can be overwhelming. Especially when you're new. I am here for you to help you. Always.

What Planner buddies say...

New Colors 2-02.png

This planner…WOW!!! Honestly, do not second guess yourself on this one, this is an amazing planner. The QUALITY 😍 The amount of templates 😍 Its outstanding and absolutely worth every penny! Do yourself a favour and get this planner!!!!!

- Charlotte, Etsy Review

New Colors 2-02.png

Wow, no other words. One of the best planners now out there. Very happy with this purchase!

- Andrea, Etsy Review

New Colors 2-02.png

Chelly, this planner is beautiful!! Not only that, but super functional and I feel like a kid in a candy shop going through all of the pages, templates, customies, hidden links… 5 stars doesn’t even seem enough for all the work and love that you must have put into this!

- Tamra, Etsy Review

New Colors 2-02.png

Ever since I got an iPad last year, I have been buying digital planners nonstop because I have never been fully satisfied with what I saw in each one. But when I bought this digital planner… oh boy… it was over for other competitors because this planner has everything and more than what you will ever need.

- Cheskha, Etsy Review

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